Information for Physicians

The Endocrine Surgery Program at Winthrop Surgical Associates works in conjunction with Winthrop University Hospital’s Institute for Cancer Care.  Our programs are patient focused and disease based, using a multidisciplinary, specialty trained team of physicians dedicated to helping patients achieve their best possible outcomes.  Using the most advanced and effective technologies available today, our program offers efficient, effective and compassionate care.  Diagnosis and treatment are based on a foundation of evidence based medicine, but we also provide patients with access to innovative approaches designed to improve upon the standard of care.

Should you have any questions about any information, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to share ideas with you and look forward to working together to achieve our goal of making pancreatic cancer a controllable illness.  Together, we can provide the best possible experiences for our patients.

Referring Physician Contact Form

Thank you for referring your patients to the Endocrine Surgery Program. Please fill out the form below so we know how best to communicate with you. Contact information will NOT be shared or sold to any third parties under any circumstances.